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Ergebnisse wrestlemania 34

ergebnisse wrestlemania 34

8. Apr. Von AJ Styles und Shinsuke Nakamuras WWE Championtitel Match bis zum hier bekommt ihr die kompletten WrestleMania 34 Ergebnisse. 9. Apr. Wrestlemania 34 ist Geschichte und begeisterte die Fans! Wir haben alle Ergebnisse des größten WWE-Events des Jahres zusammengefasst. 8. Apr. Von AJ Styles und Shinsuke Nakamuras WWE Championtitel Match bis zum hier bekommt ihr die kompletten WrestleMania 34 Ergebnisse.


Ergebnisse wrestlemania 34 -

Der Undertaker kann's noch. Dass Lesnar immer noch den Titel hat nervt. Is this IT for the dream match?! Das mit Strowman war ja knuffig. Am Ende die Überraschung Lesnar retained.{/ITEM}

9. Apr. Wrestlemania 34 ist Geschichte und begeisterte die Fans! Wir haben alle Ergebnisse des größten WWE-Events des Jahres zusammengefasst. 8. Apr. WWE "WrestleMania 34" Ort: Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Datum: April Zuschauer: Pre-Show. März WWE World Champion AJ Styles gegen Herausforderer Shinsuke Nakamura bei WrestleMania Es ist das Match, auf das nicht wenige.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}Er half dabei Mojo Rawley zu eliminieren und lenkte Corbin mit einem kleinen Angriff entscheidend ab. Was für ein unglaubliches Match — und was für eine Vorstellung von Beste Spielothek in Frauenstein finden Rousey. Der "Deadman" ist tatsächlich zurück. Das Licht ging dann nochmal aus - und diesmal gab es Easter Coop Slot - Play for Free With No Download den berühmten Gänsehaut-Einmarsch des "Deadman". Was hat den das mit Wrestling zu tun.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Alle Matches und Ergebnisse hier. Lord of darkness Haste schon gemerkt: Lässt alle Möglichkeiten offen, kann aber auch ein guter Abschluss sein. Denn Hardy und Wyatt lieferten sich in den Wochen zuvor eine erbitterte Fehde! Als Legend Killer bzw. Reigns hat eine sehr lebendige Mimik. Da fehlen mir die Worte. Kurt leider doch etwas unfitter als gedacht aber noch gut.. Die Fans nahmen den im Ring höchstens durchschnittlich begabten Mahal nicht an, auch in Indien bot sich keine Verbesserung des Zuspruchs. Bisher gefällt mir Mania ausgesprochen gut! Ich schau mir wwe seit nicht mehr an.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}Pro Wrestling Dot Net. Retrieved March 26, McMahon nearly carried Zayn on his back leipzig bayern tore make the tag, but it was ultimately an electric chair drop that finally allowed him to shake Zayn. Archived from the original versuche nicht zu kommen spiel October 9, Retrieved January 31, Styles attempted a Styles clash for the first time, but Nakamura flipped Styles over and caught tropicana gold casino with a landslide powerbomb. Retrieved from " https: Jax attacked James before the match began, eliminating James Beste Spielothek in Wolfsbrunn finden a distraction. When Rousey finally got the chance to get into the Beste Spielothek in Feldner finden, she flipped McMahon into the ring, clotheslined her and suplexed her to the ground. Cena, resigned to his fate of no Undertaker, climbed midway up the ramp when the lights went out again. When Nakamura tried to rest his head on Styles' chest Beste Spielothek in Dom-Esch finden swing his arms around, Styles slapped him upside the head. Reigns then came out and attacked Lesnar with five Superman Punches but Lesnar recovered and executed an F-5 on Reigns. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Nur stört mich das selbe wie schon bei Cena… Er wird dem 2.bundesliga fußball aufgezwungen. Perfektes Booking bei Cena vs Undertaker. Kehrt Hulk Hogan bei "WrestleMania 34" zurück? Das Match hätte ruhig noch ein wenig länger gehen können. Lesnar ist ein totaler selbstverliebter Langeweiler. Jetzt ist es soweit: Genau das… Denke das Lesnar den Ergebnisse wrestlemania 34 heute gg wen anderes verliert…. Nach kurzer Überlegung willigt er ein — und kassiert gleich Schläge. Nach dem Match nahm sich ein enttäuschter Nakamura den Gürtel, überreichte ihn seinem Freund und Rivalen - und überraschte ihn mit einem Tiefschlag! Was hat liverpool manu vor? McMahon ist anfangs auf sich allein gestellt — doch Bryan kämpft sich ins Match zurück. Der REst war unglaublich schlecht. Bryan ist kaum noch zu stoppen — mit unfairen Mitteln erschleichen sich Owens und Zayn für kurze Zeit noch einen Vorteil, doch dann kommt Beste Spielothek in Oberdottingen finden McMahon wieder zurück. Was ist denn da los?{/ITEM}


Finally, after lining up the final blow, Zayn missed the helluva kick, McMahon sent Owens out and landed the coast-to-coast. Owens broke up the pinfall, and nailed a frog splash, and as it looked like it might be over once again, Bryan broke free from the collection of medical officials and broke up the pinfall.

As Bryan lined himself up for a tag, Owens and Zayn did everything they could to keep Bryan out of the ring.

McMahon nearly carried Zayn on his back to make the tag, but it was ultimately an electric chair drop that finally allowed him to shake Zayn.

McMahon used the ropes to drag himself to the corner and tag Bryan in for his first official in-ring action in three years.

He unloaded on Zayn and Owens and started hitting his signature moves like he had never been away.

The backflip, his flying low clothesline and running low dropkicks. Bryan even lined Zayn up for a frankensteiner from the top rope and nailed it without issue.

He nearly blitzed his way to victory, but as he lined up the running knee, Owens grabbed Bryan's leg, Zayn hit a helluva kick and seemingly earned him and Owens their jobs back.

But it was only good for a two count. Owens superkicked McMahon off the apron and into the barricade to keep him at bay, and landed the pop-up powerbomb -- but that too only drew a two-count.

McMahon pulled the rope down to send Owens tumbling to the outside and then hit a flying body press to neutralize him for good.

Meanwhile, Zayn got emotional in the face of the man who had fired him. He delivered a flurry of punches and slaps, which led to "Yes" kicks as the crowd chanted along.

Bryan set up for the running knee, hit it and locked the "Yes! Zayn tapped, meaning he and Owens are officially gone from SmackDown for good, and Bryan got his happy ending -- complete with a ringside kiss with his wife.

Will Zayn and Owens go to Raw, or will they continue to try to haunt the powers that be? That's a matter for another day. John Cena became the poster boy for the adage "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it" on Sunday night.

After weeks of calling out The Undertaker without a response, he finally got one in the form of the man himself at the last possible moment. What followed was a match that barely lasted as long as it took for The Undertaker to make his way to the ring.

There was still a little misdirection left to be done. After Cena ran from his seat earlier in the night, with apparent news that The Undertaker had arrived, he stood in the middle of the ring when the lights went out.

But it wasn't The Undertaker. No, it was Elias. After Cena briefly returned to his seat in the crowd, Elias' mockery via song brought Cena back into the ring to teach Elias a lesson for breaking his heart.

Cena, resigned to his fate of no Undertaker, climbed midway up the ramp when the lights went out again. When a spotlight shined on the ring, The Undertaker's hat, jacket and gloves that he left behind after last year's main event against Roman Reigns sat in the ring and were struck by lightning and burned.

When the spotlight came on again one moment later, the clothes were gone. Then the gong sounded and the crowd went into an absolute frenzy. Flames shot into the sky, and The Undertaker appeared at the top of the ramp.

As he began his slow walk, Cena slowly backed his way towards the ring to await his long-desired opponent.

Cena's expression of pure shock foreshadowed his shocking fate. Undertaker laid into Cena from the opening bell and sent the time world champion reeling.

He climbed to the top rope and hit "old school" right off the bat, followed by snake eyes, a big boot and a leg drop in rapid succession.

After a brief flash of offense, Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle -- but the moment he bounced off the ropes The Undertaker sat straight up.

Undertaker took Cena way up with a massive chokeslam, pulled down his straps and did his patented throat slash. A tombstone piledriver sent shockwaves through the crowd, but it got even more shocking when Cena didn't kick out.

A brief, entirely one-sided Undertaker win opens up a lot of questions, like whether or not Undertaker will be something more than a once-a-year performer, or if this simply sets up a match between Cena and Undertaker next year with a proper build.

Any way you slice it, it was good to have The Undertaker back, especially looking as strong and working as smoothly as he did.

After an uber-intense match featuring Ronda Rousey and her WWE debut, the audience needed a change of pace. To the rescue came the New Day, who entered the ring led by an escort of little pancake men, who made human pancake worms -- Scotty 2 Hotty style -- around the ring.

But it was only a brief light-hearted respite as the massive, brutalizing Bludgeon Brothers made their entrance, along with the SmackDown tag-team champs The Usos.

Not surprisingly, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper started off quickly, tossing Xavier Woods, who was not part of the match, into the ring post.

As if Woods needed another beatdown by these two beasts after the one he received a few weeks ago. The Usos, however, slowed down the Bludgeon Brothers with some nifty tag-team work.

But it was short-lived as the villains caught Kofi Kingston on the top of the rope, resulting in a massive power bomb.

Just like that, it was over. Two months after signing a contract to become a WWE superstar, Ronda Rousey entered the ring for the first match of her career Sunday night at WrestleMania 34 in front of a sold out crowd at the Superdome.

Expectations for this match and Rousey's entry into the scripted fighting world of WWE were uncertain at the outset, stemming from Rousey's inexperience in the ring, but from the "Ronda Rousey" chants that started the match to the "this is awesome chants" that echoed through the Superdome late in the match, Rousey put on a tremendous first effort.

Rousey spent the first several minutes of that match standing on the ring apron waiting for Angle to tag her into the match.

When Rousey finally got the chance to get into the match, she flipped McMahon into the ring, clotheslined her and suplexed her to the ground.

Rousey threw McMahon all over the ring, and eventually rolled backwards into a mount position and went to lock in an armbar -- her signature maneuver during her career in MMA -- only for McMahon to wriggle away temporarily by sticking her finger into Rousey's eye.

This ultimately led to a face-to-face showdown between Triple H and Rousey. She landed a bevy of punches to Triple H's face and chest, blocked a kick and got Triple H up for a spinning suplex -- only for McMahon to interrupt Rousey's attack.

Later in the match, Rousey got back into the ring and got locked up as Triple H attempted a powerbomb -- only for Rousey to roll through with a head scissors and lock the armbar in on him.

McMahon broke up that attack, but ultimately fell victim to Rousey's armbar herself, as the match ended via submission.

On that night, Rock pulled her into the ring to confront Levesque and McMahon; the in-ring showdown saw Rousey hip-toss Levesque and lock McMahon's arm up in a submission hold.

After the close of the first ever women's Royal Rumble match in WWE, Rousey walked out and pointed at the WrestleMania sign, indicating her intentions to perform on the show.

Randy Orton, Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal have been feuding over the United States Championship over the past couple of months, but the wildcard in this match was a late addition in Rusev.

After scoring a victory over Orton in a SmackDown Live tag team match a couple weeks ago, he was added to the match in search of his third reign as United States champion.

Eventually, Rusev took control, engulfed by "Rusev Day" chants by the crowd, as be nailed Orton and Mahal with a somersault off the apron to the outside.

The sequence was highlighted by one of Orton's picture perfect superplexes off the top rope, but both Rusev and Mahal broke up the ensuing pinfall attempt.

The match then cycled between one-on-one encounters in the ring, two superstars at a time until pinfall attempts needed to be broken up. An entertaining series took place between Rusev and Orton, which resulted in an elevated DDT by Orton who was hitting all of his big moves.

The only remaining move to hit? The finisher fest continued as Rusev was about to lock in the accolade onto Mahal, but Mahal's associate, Sunil Singh, jumped onto the apron causing a distraction, which allowed Mahal to ruin everyone's Rusev Day with a Khallas to Rusev and a pinfall victory.

The decision to go with Mahal as the next United States Champion was a curious one. Rusev and the Rusev Day phenomenon have never been hotter and a championship victory on this stage would have made for one heck of a moment.

Not to be too hyperbolic here, but this could be considered the biggest women's match ever at WrestleMania. Given that idea, it was strange to see this showdown was so early on the card.

Asuka famously entered the bout undefeated at in singles competition under the WWE umbrella -- days according to the broadcast -- while Charlotte is already a five-time champion and a living legend at age So it was only fitting the SmackDown champ rode down part of the ramp of the Superdome on an chariot with a handful of Vikings by her side.

Perhaps considered the underdog, The Queen was more than ready to take on the Empress of Tomorrow. The match began at a quick pace with neither woman taking a clear early advantage until Asuka struck Charlotte with a series of kicks and then thrust her out of the ring.

In an amazing sequence, Charlotte attempted her high-flying moosault, which Asuka impossibly turned into an Asuka lock, only to see Charlotte summon the strength to put Asuka in a Figure Four.

If that wasn't enough, Charlotte, who appeared to be showing real emotion in her eyes, then caught Asuka with an amazing Spanish Fly off the top rope, but it wasn't enough as Asuka, moments later, put her in another Asuka Lock.

The momentum transitioned to Flair again, and this time for good. Charlotte caught Asuka in a Figure Eight, which was too much for the challenger, who tapped out.

One of the most incredible streaks in this business was snapped. Afterward, Asuka grabbed the mic and said, "Charlotte was ready for Asuka.

Just like that, Asuka will no longer have the burden of perfection by her side, which might be the best thing that could have happened in the greater women's landscape, knowing there is more than a shred of doubt The Empress in human after all.

But the day belonged to Charlotte, who not only snapped an incredible streak, but did so with a flair, so to speak, that will only add to her legendary status.

After a stirring rendition of America the Beautiful from Chloe x Halle and a Kid Rock-voiced hype package, it was time to get down to business.

WWE chose wisely with the opening match as an Intercontinental championship triple threat that offered the promise of a show-stealer got the nod.

Everything about this match made the Intercontinental championship feel big. From the entrances, which included Rollins' Game of Thrones-inspired look, Miz's bright red over-the-top get-up and a cool moment of inclusivity for Balor, it felt more like a WWE championship match than the mid-card title.

An opening match for the ages followed, and though Rollins was ultimately the one to carry the title out of the Superdome, all three proved why they deserve to be among WWE's upper echelon.

There was a desperation in the pace and approach from the opening bell. A roll-up war lasted a full minute with nobody getting very far, but then Miz and Rollins were thrown out and Balor flipped over the top rope to the outside.

From there, it was on. Every move had a little extra snap, and every move had a more advanced version that followed. Rollins kicked off that trend with a double blockbuster, and Balor stepped up his game with a particularly vicious double stomp in the middle of the ring to the Miz.

Rollins won a battle of the blockbusters with Balor, and then hit a pair of suicide dives on opposite sides of the ring to Miz and Balor.

Balor countered with a blockbuster of his own, Rollins nailed a superkick to Balor and Miz finished the chain with a low DDT to Rollins.

Miz kicked Rollins directly in the head to send him toppling out of the ring, kicked Balor's knee as he rolled back in the ring and then locked in the figure four.

Rollins broke it up with a frog splash on Miz to break up the count. All three men ended up on the outside, and for the second time in the last few weeks, Rollins teased a repeat of the Summerslam buckle bomb into the barrier spot that severely injured Balor.

For the second time, Balor countered with a blockbuster to Rollins, then low dropkicked both men into the barricade simultaneously.

Balor took out a rarely used tool from his arsenal, the , but Miz blasted Balor in the back of the head as he set up for the coup de.

Rollins hit a buckle bomb on Miz, but his superplex to falcon arrow combination was interrupted by a Balor roll-up.

Miz hit the first finisher of the match, a skull-crushing finale to Rollins, but it only got a two to the joy of the audience. Balor hit a bicycle kick on Miz and set up once again for a coup de grace, but Miz crotched him on the top turnbuckle.

Balor, Miz and Rollins all made their way towards the top rope which led to a dizzying display. Miz, while perched on the top rope, caught Rollins in mid-air to hit a super skull-crushing finale.

Balor broke up the pinfall with a coup de grace to Miz's back. Balor hit a slingblade, low dropkick, and coup de grace on Miz, but Rollins recovered in time to hit the stomp on Balor while he was still laying on top of The Miz.

Rollins stomped in the corner to amp up the crowd, hit his stomp to the back of Miz's head, and that was all she wrote. Results for the cruiserweight championship match, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and WrestleMania women's battle royal can be found here.

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Roman Reigns reveals year leukemia battle 18d Tim Fiorvanti. The wrestling world reacts to Roman Reigns revealing battle with leukemia 18d Sean Coyle.

Braun Strowman interjected himself into the match and won. Strowman said that he did not need a partner, but would have one.

He defeated Cesaro , [37] and, a week later, Sheamus in singles matches, but did not reveal his partner. Ronda threw Triple H through a table and was slapped by Stephanie before eventually signing her contract.

As she was leaving the ring, Triple H attacked Angle. When Triple H objected, Angle pointed out that both Triple H and Stephanie had contracts as wrestlers and scheduled a mixed tag team match pitting Stephanie and Triple H against Ronda and himself.

During the latter match, the feud escalated as Shane broke up pinfall attempts by Owens and Zayn. Owens and Zayn reacted by brutally attacking Shane.

Following the match, Jinder Mahal , who felt that he should have been in the match, attacked both men. The match was subsequently made a fatal four-way.

The original feud ended at Hell in a Cell with The Usos victorious. Determined to compete at WrestleMania 34, free agent John Cena entered himself into the Royal Rumble match to earn himself a world championship match at WrestleMania, but failed.

He said he was not mad about not having a match, but was mad at Undertaker for not answering. On the March 12 episode of Raw , a battle royal open to any female performer of any brand was scheduled for WrestleMania At Elimination Chamber, Sasha turned on Bayley in the namesake match.

Sasha expected Bayley to be grateful, but the two instead fought. Three matches were contested on the two-hour long pre-show, with the second hour shown live on USA Network.

Surprisingly, Wyatt assisted Hardy in eliminating Rawley and distracted Corbin, so that Hardy could eliminate him to win the match.

Ali performed a on Alexander, who broke the pinfall attempt by placing his foot on the bottom rope. In the end, Alexander executed a Lumbar Check on Ali to win the title.

Banks and Bayley then shook hands only for Bayley to quickly eliminate Banks. Thinking she had won the match, Bayley began celebrating, not realizing that Naomi had not actually been eliminated.

Naomi then performed a Rear View on Bayley and eliminated her to win the match. Rollins then performed another Curb stomp on Miz to win the title, becoming the 19th Grand Slam Champion in the process.

After an evenly contested match, Charlotte forced Asuka to submit to the Figure-Eight Leglock to retain the title and to end Asuka's undefeated streak.

Angle and Triple H started the match, while Stephanie distracted the referee to attack Rousey. Rousey eventually tagged in and faced off with Stephanie.

She also faced off against Triple H. In the end, Rousey forced Stephanie to submit to an armbar for the win.

In the end, Harper pinned Kingston after an assisted superbomb to win the match and the titles. John Cena had attended the first two matches in the audience until a referee had informed him that The Undertaker had arrived at the arena.

The lights went out, but instead of The Undertaker, Elias came out. After a brief confrontation, Cena attacked Elias.

As Cena was leaving, the lights went out again and Undertaker's coat and hat which had been left behind at WrestleMania 33 appeared in the ring and were struck by lightning.

The Undertaker then came out and defeated Cena after a Tombstone Piledriver in an impromptu match lasting under three minutes. Before the match began, Owens and Zayn attacked Bryan and Shane.

Owens powerbombed Bryan onto the ring apron, temporarily taking Bryan out of the match. Shane decided to face Owens and Zayn alone and the match officially started.

Owens and Zayn dominated the match until Bryan recovered. Zayn hit Shane with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Zayn hit Bryan with a Helluva Kick for a nearfall.

Owens tagged in and performed a pop-up powerbomb , but Bryan kicked out again. In the end, Bryan forced Zayn to submit to the Yes Lock to win the match.

Per the match's stipulation, Owens and Zayn remained fired from SmackDown. Jax attacked James before the match began, eliminating James as a distraction.

At the conclusion of the match, Styles performed a Phenomenal Forearm , and Nakamura performed a Kinshasa to the back of Styles' neck, both for a nearfall.

In the end, Styles countered Nakamura's attempt at a Kinshasa into a Styles Clash to win the match and retain the title.

After the match, the two showed mutual respect for each other. Nakamura kneeled down to present Styles with the title belt, but then attacked him with a low-blow and a Kinshasa on the floor, turning heel.

After all three men were in the ring, Strowman said he waited until then to reveal his partner, which would be a random fan from the live audience.

Strowman went out into the crowd and chose year-old Nicholas. Strowman and Nicholas won the titles after Strowman performed a running powerslam on Cesaro.

With this win, Nicholas became the youngest WWE champion in history. Lesnar performed two F-5s on Reigns, with each scoring a near-fall. Frustrated, Lesnar put Reigns through a broadcast table with an F-5 and performed another F-5 in the ring, scoring another near-fall.

Lesnar removed his gloves and attacked Reigns with elbow strikes, causing Reigns to bleed profusely, and performed a fifth F-5 for a near-fall.

Reigns recovered and performed two more Spears on Lesnar for a near fall. In the end, as Reigns attempted another Spear, Lesnar countered into a sixth F-5 to retain the Universal Championship.

Beach balls were also thrown around the crowd which resulted in cheers and boos. WrestleMania 34 mostly received positive reviews from fans and critics, although the main event between Lesnar and Reigns received harsh criticism and was decried by some as one of the worst main events in WrestleMania history.

Jack de Menezes, writing for The Independent , stated that WrestleMania 34 "brought a mix of brilliance, bemusement and disappointment".

The Intercontinental title triple threat was "brilliant" and "frantic", the WWE Title match was an "eye-catching affair" culminating in a "stunning heel-turn", "Rousey made a splash on her in-ring debut", and "Daniel Bryan once again captured the imagination of the WWE Universe".

Cena-Undertaker left "fans stunned, bemused and feeling shortchanged at what had occurred", while finally the main event was a "slow-burning match" which was "a huge anti-climax".

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that the main event was "physical as hell", but the "crowd seemed to react more to beach balls in the crowd" and "didn't even pop for" Reigns' kick-outs.

Meltzer felt that the match was "done for sympathy for Reigns when it was over to make him a babyface as they concentrated on showing him all beaten up".

For the other matches, Meltzer noted that the women's battle royal "was rushed through" and it was not the first of its kind at WrestleMania as promoted, pointing to a previous version in The Intercontinental title triple threat was "all action" which "felt like three babyfaces" as the Miz "didn't work as a heel at all in the match.

Finally, Meltzer noted that the announced attendance of 78, "isn't even close to real although it may be August before the real number is out". Joshua Needelman of The Washington Post wrote that this event was "one of the most entertaining WrestleMania's in recent memory" except for an "anticlimactic" and "remarkably disastrous end", as the "New Orleans crowd made it clear the main event was not what they wanted", which saw them booing Reigns.

Meanwhile, the Styles-Nakamura match was "surprisingly slow and plodding, with the intensity only reaching its expected level toward the end".

Also, the mixed tag match "exceeded expectations", while the U. Lastly, Needelman noted that Daniel Bryan, "perhaps the most popular wrestler of the past decade", "had the crowd in the palm of his hands" during his match.

Keller noted that the "tired and disinterested crowd" had booed Reigns and chanted " CM Punk ", "Boring" and "This is awful! After comparing the four aforementioned events, Smith concluded that the WrestleMania 34 main event was indeed the worst due to the "utter disdain" it produced, with there never being a more "disinterested" crowd for a WrestleMania main event.

Smith also rated the main event as the "worst match of the night", but in contrast, he felt that the rest of WrestleMania 34 was "pretty great for most of its seven hours".

In recent years, WWE has gone out of its way to warn viewers that the post-WrestleMania Raw crowd are "non-traditional" and will "boo the guys they normally cheer" and "cheer the guys they normally boo".

On the post-WrestleMania 34 episode of Raw , Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, with her arm in a brace, bragged about her WrestleMania performance, stating she knew that she would bring out the best in Ronda Rousey.

Rousey then made her entrance and listened to Stephanie praising her. When the two hugged, Ronda grabbed Stephanie's arm, pulled the brace off, and applied the armbar.

Also on Raw , another Universal Championship match between champion Brock Lesnar and challenger Roman Reigns was scheduled for the Greatest Royal Rumble event, this time as a steel cage match , with no justification given for the match.

After Reigns concluded that he would eventually beat Lesnar if he kept receiving title matches against him, a returning Samoa Joe appeared.

The team won after Moon performed the Eclipse on Alexa for the pin. Backstage, Braun Strowman and Nicholas informed Raw General Manager Kurt Angle that they were relinquishing the Raw Tag Team Championship due to Nicholas's schedule as a fourth grader, but vowed to come back for the title when Nicholas was done with school.

The Miz then came out and said that he wanted his contractual rematch at Backlash. Angle scheduled a match between the two, with the winner receiving a Raw contract.

However, the match ended in a double countout with neither receiving a contract. Buddy Murphy then attacked the new champion from behind and performed Murphy's Law on him.

On the first SmackDown after WrestleMania, Commissioner Shane McMahon announced that Daniel Bryan - now a full-time wrestler - resigned as General Manager, [80] and introduced Paige , who retired from in-ring competition the previous night on Raw , [77] as Bryan's successor.

Shinsuke Nakamura, who had issued a mocking apology for attacking Styles, attacked both Bryan and Styles during their match. After this, Carmella cashed in her Money in the Bank contract and won the title.

Naomi then defeated Natalya in a match. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Persona and reception of Roman Reigns. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon".

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Folgender Artikel enthält massive Spoiler! Und RR holt sich heute bei Raw glaube ich den Titel. Sie kann wenigsten Promos halten. Lesnar darf den Titel behalten. Bin ich der einzige der das Gefühl hatte, dass Steph sich wirklich verletzt hat? Wrestlemania 34 stand in der Nacht auf dem Programm. Kai von Ameln mimimi auf hohem Niveau. Gott sei dank ist dieser dämliche Streak von Asuka beendet. Cena vs Taker Nettes Squashmatch.{/ITEM}


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Ergebnisse wrestlemania 34 Angle wechselt Rousey ein. Ich hab das Gefühl, dass hier etliche Leute nicht wissen, worum es eigentlich geht. Das Match hätte ruhig noch ein wenig länger gehen können. Trend single mahnung verweist Cena in seine Schranken und schickt diesen auf seinen Platz im Zuschauerraum, sodass er in Ruhe ein Lied singen 1000 free casino mix-up. Die drei gehen sofort ein beeindruckendes Tempo — und Balor zeigt gleich mal ein Wahnsinns-Highlight:. Der nächste Deutsche mischt die WWE auf: Lesnar darf den Titel behalten.
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Ergebnisse wrestlemania 34 951
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